The keys of the Security Innovation Day 2018: innovation and new solutions to increasingly frequent attacks and sophisticated

Stela FileTrack, a new solution of ElevenPaths to protect documentary information, it was the novelty protagonist. The Unit’s Cybersecurity Telephone is served the Security Innovation Day 2018 to present their innovative services and patents. In addition, they shared their vision about the future trends of cyber security.

Los seis tipos de ciberataques más comunes y cómo prevenirlos

The past November 7 was a day dedicated to digital security. Another year, ElevenPaths held its Security Innovation Day, an event of national and international reference in dealing with the latest in innovation and cybersecurity. Already six consecutive editions in which the Unit of cyber-security , Telefónica presents its main strategic lines for the next few years.

If in the last edition we saw under the slogan ‘Security Rocks’ cybersecurity is a mass phenomenon, this year has been clear that video games and digital security have more to do than we think. Under the slogan ‘Game is Never Over’, references to Mario Bros and nods to mythical sagas of video games, Elevenpaths taught us that both worlds are infinite and need a computer on guard to detect, protect and respond to potential threats.

The event was attended by speakers from the likes of Chema Alonso, Chief Data Officer of Telefónica and Chairman of ElevenPaths, Pedro Pablo Pérez, CEO of ElevenPaths, and Global Security VP of Telefónica, Julia Perea, Director of Digital Security at Telefónica Spain, and Yaiza Rubio, an intelligence analyst of ElevenPaths, among others.

Security Innovation Day: Game is Never Over

We sailed in a digital age in which we are to understand that it is essential to protect our data. Today, we are exposed to suffer attacks becoming more sophisticated and frequent that put in danger our business, privacy and trust. This happens more than you think. Pedro Pablo Pérez, CEO at ElevenPaths and Director of Global Security at Telefónica, highlighted that more than 978 million people were affected by cyber attacks in 2017, all over the world.

If we do not create solutions and tools to combat cybercrime, these data will not cease to grow in the coming years. By this, ElevenPaths works from their SOCs to offer its clients services of monitoring, personalized guidance, and specialized reports. Experts in the field that do not stop to innovate and develop new solutions to protect data in the network.

“Thanks to our SOCs and alliances around the world, we offer our clients an operation and presence in global security,” said Julia Perea, Director of Digital Security at Telefónica Spain.

In this line, Pedro Pablo Pérez noted that the Unit of cyber-security Phone does not stop growing. “In the process of digital transformation, we continue to focus on the security of end-to-end. To do this, we invest in infrastructure, to create new Centres of Operations in Latin america,” said the CEO of ElevenPaths.

Pedro Pablo Pérez Innovation Day

In addition, it will also create specific services for security, IoT, technology protagonist in the last year and in which you require protection. Soon to come new security services IoT that will be supported in the networks to reduce the complexity at the end point and ensure its integration with the platform services.

Presentation of new cyber security solutions

As I have discussed above, in the Security Innovation Day presented by the great news and betting ElevenPaths in cybersecurity. Without a doubt, the great protagonist was Stela FileTrack, a new solution that is responsible for the protection of the documentary information-sensitive organizations. So easy you’ll be able to check from where, and to whom it has sent a particular file. For example, this tool will be of great utility in cases in which we have shared files with confidential information.

  • Stela FileTrack: it Is an innovative solution dedicated to the protection of the documentary information-sensitive. What does it do? It allows organizations with an online visibility of the complete life cycle of each document. Crawled all the way on the web.

  • RightsKeeper: Gives you the opportunity to manage the documents that are shared, limiting or eliminating editing permissions and access to them, even once distributed.

  • SmartPattern and CapaciCard: We are facing new products of the Innovation team and Lab ElevenPaths. SmartPatter unifies the login to all web sites without having to remember each one of the different passwords. For its part, CapaciCard protects the accounts and authorize banking transactions by accessing the personal profile of the bank with just a touch.

  • Connected Car: Focused on what is to come. This application consists of three services IoT (the provision of credentials, anomaly detection and secure DNS) on the environment of the car connected.

Passwords and phishing on the Internet

Technologies and digitalization continue to move at a frantic speed, which forces us to adapt. In the area of cyber security the same thing happens and Chema Alonso, Chief Data Officer of Telefónica and Chairman of ElevenPaths, will be in charge of advising us of some vulnerabilities and security gaps in the Security Innovation Day.

Chema Alonso Security Innovation Day

Our identity and information is in game on the web and, according to the expert, it seems that the passwords are not our best friends. “Use complex passwords, it complicates the user experience and just provides security, we recommend the use of second authentication factors, or to avoid brute force attacks, among others, that is to say, having a good identity management”, stated Chema Alonso.

We currently have real difficulties to know if something is real or not on the Internet. Day after day we find ourselves with fake news and even replacement of faces in video. “Other attacks apart from the attacks on credentials, are the ones who go against the users and attacks to the reputation of the company, such as the campaign of fake news,” he said.

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